We are a full-service design house and consulting firm creating spaces that enrich your life experience. With more than a decade’s experience and over 100 finished projects in commercial, residential, and corporate sectors, we established three pillars at Takween: versatility, practicality, and dependability.

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Livable Innovations


Through our design experts and a clear project time plan and realistic execution phases, your apartment, villa, office or business can have a new look and feel with minimum involvement from your side, saving your time and effort.

Piece of mind

I have a piece of mind knowing my home will be well taken care of and beautiful. Takween Design House are professional and efficient.

Made the process fun and exciting

“The entire TDH’s interior design team was truly amazing to work with.They also made the process fun and exciting along the way and we trusted them completely”.

Fast-paced implementation!

Takween is honest, skilled, & efficient. Their attention to detail creates amazing results. Looking forward to future cooperation!

Understand my needs

“I recommend contracting with Takween, as I deal with experts who understand my needs and turn them into very good quality results”.

What makes us different?

Merging different elements and perspectives to create the bigger picture is at the heart of Takween’s foundation. We are a driven group of designers and engineers with decades-long experience in architecture, civil engineering, interior design, project management, and consultation. Our different backgrounds created a strong base for us to connect and complement one another with our unique skills and experiences.

SINCE 2012

Interior Design


We believe the spaces we live in and visit every day are extensions of ourselves, and as we strive towards self-improvement and efficiency in our relationships and careers, our environment should elevate our life experience and be sustainable to our daily needs and resources.


Our mission is to provide an all-encompassing service with the aim of creating a space that enriches your life experience at work, at home, and in public, through tailored solutions from the blueprint up until handing you your key.


Honesty: Honesty is a timeless value. Innovatio: We believe that constant innovation is our driving force. Teamwork: Each one of our team has had a unique journey before joining.

Our Process

Take a tour through our breezy process of 5 steps toward making your dream space a livable reality.

You start your journey toward your dream space with us with a free site inspection service in which we gather data and take measurements of your site. Our experts get to know you and have an introductory briefing on your preferences, taking photos of your site to pinpoint the phase from where to start with your project and get directly to work.

After the free inspection, we use the data to brainstorm suitable layout options and arrange a set of references from our previous projects as well as fresh inspirations all for you to imagine the project in a broader sense. We then get to meet at the office or online to discuss our ideas and show you our preliminary themes, layouts, and innovative suggestions. To meticulously personalize your project, we do a detailed questionnaire on your likes, needs, priorities, and budget; and now you’re as close as possible to fully seeing your desired space.

This is the phase where you get a comprehensive plan and three-dimensional visualization of the design of your project, starting with a kick-off meeting. When you find that our design proposal completely satisfies your requirements, we begin the construction plan which encompasses floorings, electrical, elevations, furnishing styles, and all finishing. Even if you choose to solely get the benefits of our design service, we provide you with a quantity survey booklet that guides you toward the efficient execution of your design with its customized specifications including materials, colours, and prices to ensure that every detail meets your expectations and our visualization on the actual site.

Having all the construction plans and design specifications ready, you can now watch your project unfold. To maintain the utmost efficiency and ease of this dream-building process, we settle on the most suitable time and cash flow plan. Our deal means you can guarantee a transparent and smooth delivery of your project while staying involved and informed every step of the way.

Finally, the most exciting phase comes when you follow the construction of your project brick by brick. All the blueprints and design specifications will unfold in front of your eyes, precisely following our previously given plans and booklets, as well as answering your feedback and adapting as we go. Many clients are also welcome to join right before the execution phase coming from a third-party designer through the project management service, or you can benefit from our experts’ guidance in the consultancy and FF&E service. Otherwise, we provide holistic planning and execution with our unique turn-key service starting from scratch until the realization of a functional and uniquely-customized space.

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