We are a full-service design house and consulting firm creating spaces that enrich your life experience. With more than a decade’s experience and over 100 finished projects in commercial, residential, and corporate sectors, we established three pillars at Takween: versatility, practicality, and dependability.

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Location: 14 Saudi Buildings (Omarat Al Saudeya, El-Nozha, st, Nasr City, Cairo


Eng. Eslam Maher

Co-founder & Technical office Manager

Behind the constant action is a motivated leader that cheers the team on. Islam, a shrewd communicator that is full of enthusiasm, binds the brains and the brawn together with his relentless energy and team spirit. His background as an interior designer gave him a client-oriented outlook, which he uses to encourage and realign our employees through his passionate guidance. To him, there’s no room for slackers on the team and it’s of utmost importance to stay focused on our goal and purpose. Giving back to the community by providing juniors with the opportunity to learn and grow in the field is what motivates him every day.